Thursday, April 13, 2017


Well, I wanted to send a letter and photos to my children to let them see the progression of spring, on a day before Good Friday.  First of all, we always plant our potatoes in the garden on Good Friday, so there are no new cute sprouts to show you there.  But all my gardens are up and waving at me!  I can't wait to see how much a lot of it has expanded.  The earth is cold here yet so too soon for everything.  But here we go.  You will see a lot of grass as I haven't curbed it yet...soon.

Hyacinths snuggled in with roses and hostas

One small grape hyacinth - I thought the whole group had left me, but maybe we'll start again.  That area needs to be replanted this year as it needs new side boards.

Winter onions are back and healthy!  Nestled in near lilies (not on purpose).
These onions are great to eat but they multiply way too fast and easily!

This year only 3 jonquils - last year there were a lot.  But the greenery looks strong so perhaps more again next year.

Bleeding heart just rushing to get awake!  It's going to be beautiful this year.  There are multiple plant species in this garden including turks hood, oriental lilies, surprise plants, hostas, day lilies, all beneath one of the walnut trees.  And who said you can't grow anything under a walnut tree?

A couple varieties of violets popping their heads toward the sun.  We also have white, magenta and yellow.

These tulips were supposedly moved to the lower garden, but apparently someone hid from the spade!  There is a bud already!

One of the paths into the woods - I have many species of early, mid and late hostas all lining paths!

Along our reservoir (frog pond).......hostas line the whole pond.

And the garden begs us to get busy.  Beautiful rhubarb (2 varieties) of which we will have Rhubarb Cake on Easter Day!

We uncovered the strawberries - everyone is still there and seems to have gained a neighbor or two!  Going to be a busy summer starting June!

One of the deep throated chimes hangs in a walnut tree and continually just gives a rhythm to live by.  One can see the woods in the background..........very precious place to spend quiet time....but waiting for leaves!

Privet hedges and surprise plants, alongside some yellow yarrow.  I would only keep the yarrow for my butterflies, believe me!

Peonies, tulips and surprise plants - front yard behind our swing.

Beautiful surprise plants which will come back up in July with gorgeous pinkish purple lilies!  In this are will also go our sweet potato plants when the time is right.
 It's a humble yard full of gardens and love and hard work!  And it is so worth it!



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How lovely to see so many things growing. Our tulips are starting to pop up their heads and it is exciting. I think we are passed the snow storms for a while. hugs, Teresa


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