Monday, September 8, 2014


September 8th - challenge at OUTLAWZ GREETINGS
Sponsor: Fitztown

Theme: Happy Days Are Here Again: (Your Sentiment must include the word Happy)


I purposely chose this cat image from FITZTOWN - I am such a grand cat lover that one day my veterinary said that when died she wanted to be reincarnated as a cat that lives in my house.  Well my husband makes them climbing posts and trees and walkways.  My very special ragdoll kitty, TinkerBelle, passed away last October and she could actually hang like a monkey upside down from the carpeted walkways.  My 2 remaining senior cats are in great health - they appear not to have arthritis in their spines.  But just in case they'd like a little help when eating, my husband carved a base of wood for all their wet and dry food bowls.  They won't have to lean down so far to the floor.  Yes, it's a good thing TO BE HAPPY in my household!

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