Monday, September 15, 2014


I love hippos!  Just look at the fun face Hallie is sporting today!  Did you know that a hippo is one of the most vicious animals.  But not Hallie - she's my wisher of good vibes for the day to you.  And she's a surprise for a special gal!!!

Come over to YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE BLOG and get in on a very basic challenge.  You'll notice on my card I have no embellishments, embossing, glitter - NOTHING - just work with the bare card and your stamps and colors.  Here's the rules:

Back To Basics - There will be no layering, no matting, embellishments, no heat embossing or dry embossing allowed on this card. You will create a Card only using White Card Front Base, Ink Pads and Rubber Stamps or digital stamps. It's a Basic Card. In Any Theme you would like to do. Please be creative.  

And check out Naomi's blog contest going on as well at:  SCRAPBOOKING FOR BEGINNERS!

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  1. Yes, I can assure you that Hallie is most definitely a friendly hippo. Since she has been living on my computer for some time now, she has popped out of her file and we've had many a conversation. She does miss rolling around in mud though and the grass between her toes so I'm glad that you have her set up in a nice outdoor scene.

    Your simple CAS card is lovely. If I can pull it off in time I'm going to make one myself over the next couple weeks and enter into the challenge to try and help boost the numbers.

    Thanks for the special surprise!



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