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I do hope you will ready this entire post - it's a bit lengthy because I am showing someone who asked me how to do it - and taking pics along the way.  So stick with me - and maybe make one yourself.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!  This sweet gal is from the
and there are over 20 pieces to the set.  Click on the link to be taken directly to the set in the FRED SHE SAID STORE. 

And I'm making a tea bag holder or one could use it to enclose a couple gift cards, or whatever.
 You will basically need  embellishments and adhesives as well as an image.  I found this tut over at Splitcoast Stampers eons ago.  So I'm copying my worn out sheet.  ;)

Plain Cardstock - 4" x 9"
Patterned Paper - 7.5" x 8"
3.75" square cardstock for front panel
3 5/8" square patterned paper for front panel
I will add a Happy Day or Get Well image depending
on whom I send it to.

Score your 4" x 9" cardstock at 4" and 5". Fold the score lines and set to one side. 
Score the pp at 0.5" and 4" on the 7.5" side. Fold the score lines. Using double sided tape or other adhesive adhere the 0.5" strip to the other side.
You now have formed the pocket of the card/gift.
 Score at 3 3/8" and 4 3/8" and fold the score lines
Using a circle die or a punch (I didn't have a punch) cut out half a circle on each end of the pouch.
You can see I taped mine to my cuttlebug cutting plate so as not to damage the pouch.
 Tadah!  The result!
Apply adhesive to the spine and adhere to the inside of your cardstock. 
I did remember to keep my heart pattern right side up! 
Add a good length of ribbon now - I taped mine to the front because I will lay a pp and the image over this.
Taping up the pp for the front.
I was wondering what I would ever use the fabric paper for - it's pretty and slightly see thru!
It's adhered tightly and waiting for the image now!  And embellies!
Now you just add your tea bags or whatever and tie and mail it in an envelope.  It will actually lay flat in the envie also.

Here's another I did using an image from Doodle Pantry!
And I do hope you have a happy day!

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