Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Sometime back my buddy Chumley took a short afternoon walk with me by his side over to our perennial garden.  He munched on flowers like any cat would do, but a piece of a perennial stalk became lodged in his gum between his teeth and his cheek.  I didn't know it.  He never let me know there was anything wrong - cats don't do that!  

So in about a week I noticed things were different with his eating and litter box, etc.  We headed to the family vet and found there was now an infected piece of stalk in his gum.  It hurt when he ate so he quit eating.  His stomach literally filled with air and became swollen.  For 2 weeks now the vets have been working with him on about 3 visits a week to bring his desire back to eating, after removing the stalk and healing the gum up.  I have been supplementing him food by oral syringe easily - and also lactate ringers solution under his skin by drip.  But nothing is working right so we believe the liver has taken on Feline Hepatic Lipidosis and we need to have a feeding tube inserted into  his esophagus thru into his stomach so we can do some intense feeding to turn things.  He's actually got weight on his side and has not complained once to anyone of anything.  

We were to pick him up at 3 pm but the vet called at 12:30 and told us there was no chance of him living but a few more days.  He had some type of feline disease young kittens get and harbor til they are old and stressed about something.  There was also the possibility of a large tumor in the liver and the liver blood work was so high they knew he had only a couple days left with or without assistance.   The vessels were all leaking within his body and that was why he was so swollen.  But yet he never cried one word of pain!

So we made the appt. to leave him sedated and we would be there immediately (they had done this to tap the stomach which showed off bile contents and they removed 100cc which is a lot and there was more.   We drove over and we were allowed time to spend with him to say goodbye loved one and wish him well on his journey.  He passed away very very comfortably and we brought him home to our very special pet cemetery.  

Here's a pic of him in his favorite leather chair with his favorite towel.  He was and always will be in our memories as the most special cat we've ever adopted.   We did all we could and he did become my most favorite friend even tucking his head into the crook of my arm today as I left him early this a.m.   It was as if to say you've done well with me, I appreciate all the time and love and good food, but now it's time for me to go elsewhere.  Love you, Chumley.


On Memorial Day my children/granddaughter/and 4 great grandchildren came to spend the day with me.  They love our home in the country - as we walked our trails they played in the deep grass with pretend guns and had a blast scaring us as they jumped up out of the grass at varying places.  We really did wear them out their mom said!  Below are 2 pictures........
Left or gith is Aubrey (peaking between Nolan's arms, Nolan, and Zach.  Jacob obviously was elsewhere - he loves a marble game we have and also loves to run with our dog Nikko.   They have a much larger dog, a beautiful lab named Drake, and learned that dogs like Dried Sweet Potatoes! 
All 3 of the boys are great wrestlers - with very high ranks.  All 4 love school, and as you can see, 3 of them are definitely artists!  they are in my craft room and I told them they could use whatever they wanted with one exception - the copics!  ;) Wonder why!  They enjoyed it, my daughters and I enjoyed the time together, my granddaughter rested in the big easy chair after walking the trails.  She works long hours and takes care of 4 children, so her day is indeed one of those she needs to stop and Smell the Roses whenever she can.

Much love from the Webers to you!


  1. Linda,
    I'm so very, very sorry about your beautiful cat, Chumley. The story just brought tears to my eyes as I read on. Hugs, Kathy.

  2. What a sad and sweet story. A tearful hug to you! Glad you had Chumley in your life - he was beautiful and sweet.


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