Friday, March 1, 2013


March 1, 2013 Challenge Theme: Egg-Zactly Speaking

EASTER seems so early this year, but I guess I'm just busy everyday or something.  Easter is such a lovely time to slow down - enjoy your family, your faith and renew yourself.  Easter will be a bit lonesome for us this year; usually my best friend and former sil comes to our house if the entire family is not meeting at her apartment complex.  But she passed away in Feb.  Such a wonderful person who shed so much light on life in general.  She was special, she had special ways, I always enjoyed our conversations on Sat.  Sometimes if her guardian had come that day and taken her shopping, she would call me that nite with exuberance in her voice.  Anytime shopping was like the first time for her!  I was happy to have had her company with others on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  On Thanksgiving eve as we drove home, I purposely drove past homes that had Christmas lites up already and she was so thrilled.  That was Doris - full of love for everything.  Early in November I had put my decorations and tree up early for planned visitors and was telling her; and she at that time totally shocked me and asked if I thought it would be ok if she didn't put up everything like she always did.  I told her I'd be glad to spend a day putting the tree and decorations up for her, but she truly didn't want to.  Just an inkling that perhaps her celebration would come soon with our Lord.  Our time was too short and I wish it could have been more.

I chose a piece of clip art I have in my beloved treasury!  My husband was a pilot and we still love flying lower to the ground in our hovercraft.  And he does a lot of RC flying - building all his own airplanes.

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And have a wonderful week!

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