Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last weekend my girlfriend from Des Plaines, IL, surprised me with a visit.  It was really supposed to have been a romantic get away with her hubbie, or as I understood, but it simply was a "gotta go support my girlfriend in her crisis" weekend........and hubby was in on it!  I still can't believe it.

Anyhow while we were in the sunroom looking out at the many many birds flocking around the feeders, a chickadee came up close to the window and Pat had a chance to see it!  She couldn't believe her eyes!  I guess they don't get many in Des Plaines because of the city atmosphere.  Here in the country we strive to keep the birds flocking year around.  My husband says I'm afraid I'll find a dead one - well maybe!

So today I put together 10 different cards from my stash just to get them out of the way!  2 of them were chickadees and I immediately thought about Pat and her shout of glee at seeing one.  So here is my 6x6 creation using a FRED SHE SAID image found here:  WINGED THINGS!
This image WINTER CHICKADEE is already precolored; however, you get the digi image and the precolored image as well for one price.  I chose lots of fun background colors for this card and used some beautiful sheer ribbon I had on hand.

Now to the embarrassing moment!  I was so tired one day this week - on my new meds - that I sat down for a nap under my afghan.  Hubby took this picture; unbeknown to me, my TinkerBelle had jumped up and was warming her self on top of mine.  I never felt a thing!
So hope you come on over to FRED SHE SAID and try out one of the stampsets - especially those that have both precoloured images and color yourself.  You can always beef up the color if your printer isn't doing it's best.  I'm using a pretty simple HP and the color is fantastic.  So have a great day!


Carolyn Cochran said...

LOve your write-up and the very cute card!!

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

So wonderful!!

pat martin said...

There we are together! About time! I absolutely adore your card!!

Just Me said...

Oh what a fun time you two must have had. Love the chickadee card, very pretty.

Holly said...

chickadees are one of my favorite birds! We get a lot of them around here too. I love how you've put this whole card together and your bow is beautiful! You and Tinkerbell look real comfy! I'm so glad that you and Pat got to meet. I'll bet you all had a great time together.

bumblebee creations said...

Glad to know that you have had a fun week--you needed it!

Glenda said...

How wonderful that your friend got to come visit. Looks like you had so much fun! Don't explain about the cat buddy at nap time. I nap every day with a little yorkie! Love your bird cards. I have chick-a-dees at the feeders too! Love them!

Kathy Bradley said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures - what a good friend to surprise you! And, I love the picture of your TinkerBelle watching over you! Your card with the chickadee is lovely!!

Patricia St Martin said...

Love your card it is stunning. It is so nice to have friends around. Thanks for sharing

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