Friday, February 1, 2013


There's a wonderfully easy challenge at SCRAPBOOK PLACE CHALLENGES.  Just use the them OLD MAN WINTER - and enter a project.  You have 2 weeks to join in the fun!  Just click the link!

How the storm affected us:

On Dec. 20 the winds began blowing - we went into a full blown blizzard.  On the morning of 12/21 I caught a few pics as we dug our way out.  The worst part was that my hubbie and I both were helping a farmer with chores 5 miles away and we got stuck coming home.  We needed to call 911 and a grader to open our road - there was no way to even walk.  Total white out.  We sat in the car for 2 hours with plenty of gasoline and tried to keep warm.  But we were all wet and cold from trying to dig out.  I was never more miserable than that day!  if we could've walked home, I would've!

But anyway, I chose to do a quick layout of the photos from that storm.  Hope you can see all the lovely sparkly snowflakes I added.  I just created the collage on my computer and saved some dollars in doing that. 

Our lovable Nikko is playing ball in the fresh snow - he totally entertains himself!

Hubbie is plowing the driveway for the 'nth' time!  And I was making hot chicken soup!  :)

It doesn't get any better than that for sure!  

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  1. Hi Linda, Love your scrapbook page you sure have some wonderful pictures. So sorry you got stuck on the way home from helping the farmer but glad you are safe. Those are some beautiful trees. Stay warm!


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