Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lady Gnome and her Berry Best Berries!

6x6 card using stash and copics for coloring
and the salutation from my Stampin' Up retired set 

All proceeds from Elizabeta's work go to this charity:

As I write this post, I think of how fast my life picked up this past week.  A friend succumbed to a pretty sick appendix, and he being 87 yo and living alone, had quite a time getting to his house from his farm operation to call 911.  I carry a cell phone - but only for 911 use.  My husband uses his cell phone for everything - just loves being introduced to this small new piece of our life in the universe.  But if this gentleman would've had a cell, he might be out of the hospital and back home by now.  But he's not - and my husband and I are back farming - something that was 40 years ago for me and longer than that for him.  And our bodies are slowly feeling the pain as we are 72 and 66.  One wonders how an 87 yo gent can outdo us!!!

Now our friend has told us we are the "berry best" friends he has; it just seemed to us that this is something you do for friends, fill in whenever they need you.  Not that one expects remuneration, but we both are Christians and we do believe what we do on this earth will prepare our eternal house in Heaven.  

This past Friday the Newtown CT tragedy occurred.  What happened in this young man's mind to have no remorse for killing literally babies.  Worse yet, why was his mother holding so many guns in her house.  We'll never hear from either one again.


  1. Very cute card Linda. I love the pearls and the pretty paper! How kind of you and your husband to step in and help out - I wish your friend a speedy recovery!

  2. Your card is so cute! Merry Christmas my friend!

  3. Your Berry looks good enough to eat! Great card!


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