Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last Week's Storm

How awesome is this photo of the edge of a tornado that passed northwest of us!  It was classified as an F2 and it literally took out a whole farm in the area of Patch Grove.   This photo was taken from our front yard.

It was difficult getting good shots with my small Kodak but I do remember looking in that sky and wondering who was going to get hit.

 If you can see the lobes hanging from the clouds, these are swirling wind clouds.  We were very fortunate to get 1/2 inch of rain out of it and very little wind.

And as sunset waned the clouds darkened.   My husband and I had to take a ride on the bikes to the highest point to check it all out.  That is where I got this photo.

When the lightning started we headed home FASSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!

Thought you'd enjoy - but I hope you are not one in the path of the severe storms out East OR ANYWHERE in our lovely country!

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