Monday, June 18, 2012

SFC2412 - BORDER PATROL at Squigglefly

In conjunction with Squigglefly's team Holley'S Hobbyists

This was an easy challenge from Holley and her cohorts........"add some flair to your border with a punch, torn edge, deco scissors or ??? surprise me! This flair can be to the edges around your image, the opening edge of your card or ALL the edges, you choose."

I chose to use one of my new decorative die cuts altho it's very difficult to get all the little pieces out........even using some of the tried and true hints, such as waxed paper between the die and the image, additional layers in the cuttlebug, etc.  But eventually I got it the way I wanted it.  

The card is 5x7 - and I slit a decorative piece of dp to create some triangular sides and center and go from there.  The camper van is meant to look like the 'hippy bus/homes' of the 60s!  The image comes to you with a very usable side without applying all these icons and such.

I added a bit of choking muffler smoke because we all know those vans were not very eco-friendly!  I just used a finger sponge and a bit of dark chocolate ink pad.  

I'm sending this to a friend who is moving - she and I have always said we will never move, but alas those words do have to be changed at some time in our life.  I wish her the best -  it's a wise move.

I hope you like this card - lmk of any changes you would've made.  I'd love to hear. 


  1. I love your card, no need to change a thing! Such fun colors!

  2. Linda this is wonderful. I love all the things you added to the side of the camper to make it retro! I'm sorry you're having a friend move - I hope she's not moving too far away!

  3. Love the way you jazzed up your card with a die cut around your image, I know they can be hard, but it sure is nice! Cheers, Holley

  4. Absolutely great, wow, love that border, it was worth the effort, great eye candy!! Lol, love the smoke and so true..........:))
    lotsa luv

  5. Oh, so cute! Such fun and hyappy colors. The smoke coming out the exhaust made me laught out loud! Adorable.

  6. Linda I love this digi-takes me back a ways and it DOES look like the hippie vans!! Smoke is precious and of course really like the paper-Great job!

  7. Totally love your card, Linda! I so remember those hippie vans...LOL! Beautiful job! Wouldn't change a thing!

  8. Adorable with all the icons you added to the van (I'm old enuf to remember those vans)!


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