Monday, March 12, 2012

HoHum - SFC1012 Challenge

This little cutie went together super fast.  The challenge this week is to use 3 things (and you must use all 3)........a flower, a clip, and printed paper.  I covered all bases.  This little gal was colored in copics and looks a lot like my soon to be 10 yo great granddaughter!  

Come join us in this challenge.  Grab a wonderful digi from Squigglefly and pull some papers and clips and flowers from your stash.  You know you have it - let's use it!
 * * *
Meanwhile, just a sweet note to all my friends.  Don't give up on me for a few days.  Today I am undergoing a trabeculectomy of one of my eyes.  In 6 weeks the other eye will have the same surgery.  Meanwhile, my computer time will be limited for the better health of my eyes.  I'm sure you understand.

There are excellent you tube videos of a 'bleb' being performed if you'd like to be with me in spirit today.  Just google "trabeculectomy on you tube". My reason for undergoing this is that I do have glaucoma in my eyes (thank you Grandma) and it's out of control.  I've tried all the meds, my doctor has done an MLT in both my eyes, hoping to relieve pressure, but the pressures keep climbing and I'm aware now of what vision I've lost.  The fact that I am allergic to a few class act drugs has made the pathway a bit more awkward for me, but my doctor decided he had tried everything he could and wanted to do this surgery.

Sign up on my email list and you'll know when I come back.  Meanwhile, take care of those eyes - see an ophthalmologist once a year.  And please do not rely on the puff of air test for checking for have your eyes dilated and let an ophthalmologist check them for you with a blue light instrument.

Meanwhile, much love!  And my blog is scheduled ahead so stop back frequently to see what I was up to!


  1. Great card Linda! Will be thinking of you today during your procedure!

  2. Will be thinking of and praying for you today Linda! Your card is just delightful. I love the sentiment and your beautiful coloring!

  3. keeping you in my prayers, Linda. Meanwhile, great card!!

  4. Linda, this is just fabulous! Your colouring is beautiful and I love the clip! (Sending you an email)


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