Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DELIGHT IN SIMPLE THINGS - SFC1012 (and update on surgery)

(A Squigglefly Image - by artist Lynne Stansbery)

The above image fits right into Holley's Hobbyists' recipe challenge at Squigglefly's blog today.  Flowers, decorated paper clip (attached to a blingy heart in upper right area) and patterned paper.  I chose a cuttlebug die and then distressed the design and chose a 6x6 card back.  I then added a wide piece of lace over it all to bring back that vintage feel.  The wrist just begged for a touch of jewelry so I gave her pearls.  Note the butterfly on the finger!  One year I had a huge Cecropia moth light on my finger and that was the true inspiration for thise card!

There are different varying hand positions with this digi stampset.  Stop on over and check it out.  Click on SQUIGGLEFLY and grab a goodie and come back and join us in this fantabulous challenge!


Surgery went super well yesterday but mostly because I was high on some good drugs!  Now the drugs are worn off and I'm putting drops in the left eye all day long hour by hour.  The stitches are sticking the inside of the lid and feel like giant boulders between the eyeball and the lid (like when you have a big piece of something in your eye)! 
Doc called to check on me last nite, and when I told him about the boulder he left in there, he laughed and said get used to it - it's going to be for 2 or 3 weeks now.....so he requested we come back in at 8 am this morning and he'd check on it..  (And this is only the first eye - I go back in about 4 to 6 weeks to do the other eye, which can't be too soon as the vision is deteriorated horrendously there.)
So back to the dr. today for both good and bad news.  First of all, I have a quadrangle incision in the eyeball in front on the eyeball but under the eyelid, which is supposed to collect and expunge pressures (liquids) - a project your eyeball does by itself if you do not have glaucoma.  However in my case the corneas are very thick and diseased with glaucoma and the surgery was necessary.
However the little bleb is not working, it's already healing itself shut.  I told him a few weeks ago that my body heals very fast.  He frowned at that time because he wants this to heal really slow so that the opening will actually heal open.  So some manipulating around this a.m. under a blue light and he opened the little 'ditch' up again leaving all 3 stitches intact but my pressures immediately dropped from 23 to 10 (temporarily) in that eye.  This is our desired goal (8 to 10) in each eye.
But he has to leave it stitched for a couple weeks, and if it heals up again by Thurs. morning, he will remove only 1 stitch to allow draining to begin better.  (He's allowing me to stay home tomorrow!)
It's a general eye pain 24/7 but if I keep looking down I feel much better.  It's just when I open the eye to look somewhere it really brings me down again.  It's worse than having a boulder in there, to tell the truth!
And of course if I'd go to bed and stay there, I'd probably be in better shape pain wise.  BTW I have to sleep with a plastic shield over it and lay on my back - no switching to the sides for awhile.  This is all to protect the fragile eye.
So for those of you who were wondering if I fell off the earth overnite, glad to provide this synopsis for you.  Life goes on.  The Lord Heals In His Own Time!
:) Linda
I have plenty of cards scheduled to arrive on various days, so please check in.  I won't be updating with my progress very often tho.  Simply cause I can't see what I'm typing and in a way that's an advantage a touch typist always has!  LOL!


  1. What a truly fitting card for you! I'm glad you are home recovering. Please take it easy!

  2. What a creative lady you are to think of this! And you gave her a bracelet! I love how your mind thinks Linda. this is really fabulous. I'll keep you and your recovery in my prayers!

  3. Love your card LInda but more importantly, praying for a complete recovery!

  4. Your card is just delightful and many gentle hugs and prayers for your recovery. I know it takes a while as I went through a lot myself, but I hope we will be having a huge blog celebration here in a year or so and you can be all smiles and prayers for YOUR amazing recovery. Hugs. Holley

  5. Linda, this is fantastic. Your colouring is amazing. Sending you hugs!


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