Friday, February 3, 2012


Aren't these cute little rascals pretty foxxy at getting your attention with a swirl of that tail and those beautiful eyes.  This image is coming out this weekend at Squigglefly and is by artist Daphne van der Zanden and we certainly welcome her talent to Squigglefly.  I especially love to color nature and more realistic - not quite the go to girl for cutesy stuff but I'm learning to let go and try it a bit.  So I really love her art work.

The "You are my Sunshine" is a lovely sentiment image by Jess Holland that goes a long ways for only $.99 at Squigglefly.  

What made this image fun to make into cards is the fact that we have a family of fox on our land and we get to watch them come and go feeding their young in the spring and cleaning out their burrows and just teasing the dog.  They are beautiful animals - so graceful - but alas, so dangerous too.  No one ventures too close.  I guess the closest we came was between the mama and one of her babies one day when we were walking the trail in our woods.  We quickly moved out of the area when we realized what was up.  But what really was funny was the day we found 20 dead mice and 3 dead red winged blackbirds in the entrance of the burrow.  Mom apparently had her young and pop was bringing in the "mouse and feather" bacon!  :)


  1. Stunning card my friend! Love your coloring and all the little added bits of interest! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. So cute! You color animal fur extremely well Linda! I love your sentiment with this and the little flowers and heart row you have.

  3. Love this! I'm featuring it on the SF Facebook page today!

  4. Your coloring on those fox is superb!

  5. This is awesome, I did just buy her images the other day - but haven't tried the adorable foxes yet - you did an amazing job coloring - wonderful card.


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