Sunday, November 20, 2011


 On November 15, Sir Lord Chumley graced us with his presence.  Chum is a chocolate point Himalayan, who is absolutely gorgeous and deserving of his royal name.  Chum came to us from the Safe Haven Pet Rescue where he had spent about 1 month until his forever home found him.

 His former owner had passed on with no relatives able to take him in.  He's HUGE, has beautiful big brown eyes and eats a LOT!  So I do believe he will get an "A+" at his next checkup!  Better than bony, huh?
 One can tell the difference in color between Her Highness TinkerBelle and Chum - Belle is more traditionally a seal point or even tending towards a blue point Himalayan.  Yes, I need to make up my mind.  Her colors are indeed blue against Chum's Chocolate.  And of course she has true blue eyes!
 I began putting up Christmas decor as my pre-Thanksgiving tradition.  With the 4 great grandkids and other family members coming on Thursday, I really went into the Holiday Mood!  It's been a good feeling being able to be here this year - after my very 'close call' in June.
As you can see, Belle is gracing her presence on the Nativity Set !  Would you believe every year she does!
And our house is always full of noise and activity.  Above Nikko runs away with his master's sock!  He loves to be chased as much as he loves to chase!  And to steal anything of Verdon's is automatically hilarious!

I am very thankful this year for all my friends.......and mainly for the grace the Lord has given to me this year to continue in his Presence.  We all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with friends and relatives and remember to be thankful that we are still a free world too.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I have to say I'm so happy you are doing better and we still have your smiling face! Love the pictures of the little furry friends! The cats are gorgeous!

  2. Good to see this post!! My Chi Chi likes to run off with Mark's socks too. She thinks its a game.


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