Sunday, September 25, 2011


Belle sleeping on my printer
 My sweetheart, TinkerBelle, is a seal point himmie.  We all know that himmie's are prone to health issues if they aren't watched carefully.  Well this past summer while I was very ill, TinkerBelle's tooth health got 'funky' as my daughter says.  I totally knew there were no problems til several nites in a row she woke me up breathing thru her mouth and making strange gurgles.

Well everyone who is a feline lover knows cats do not breathe thru their mouth.  It causes huge bubbles of gas in their stomach and intestines and a lot of pain.  But there has to be a reason for them to start this unusual trauma to their system.

After a trip to a new vet (whom we love!) we found she has several teeth in serious stages of infection.  She went thru prednisone (shot) and clindamycyn (meds) and is much, much better.She began eating beautifully and put on almost a pound in 3 weeks!

So yesterday she had a return visit and altho her gums are looking better, those particular teeth have lost their enamel and are very painful for her.  They will need to be removed surgically.  We're praying it all goes well on Friday, Sept. 30.  Dr. Curtis is such a wonderful caring veterinary, it is awesome to watch her work around Belle.  Belle even held her mouth open for Dr. Curtis!  I'm hurt, she never lets me see further than her canines!  ROTFL!!!  She had her blood work and there seems to be a small heart arrhythmia along with some stress on the kidneys.  So we pray she will be fine.

We found Belle almost 8 years ago now - and we want to keep her in the family for at least another 8 years. 

Here she is on her catwalk up close to the ceiling.  Someday I'll have the camera ready when she walks upside down on this catwalk hanging like a monkey!  Truly! 

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  1. Hope all goes well today at the vet! Such a lovely cat and seems like a sweet one too. Good luck!


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