Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paint Fusion Launch - Sunflower Stamp at Crafter's Companion USA

Hi everyone!  Below is my completed set of paper machie boxes that I will be filling with handmade flowers for a friend as a gift!
It was easy to start - I already had the boxes sitting in my 'to be done someday' stash! Doesn't everyone have something like that in their crafting area?  I'm trying to clean mine out!  Anyhow, these are just adorable.  I first painted all 3 items inside and out with my Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paint from Crafter's Companion USA.   And you are saying, what a mess!  Well, I have an awesome crafting sheet under everything - you can purchase that also from Crafter's Companion.  I mix my paints directly on it and I just wash it under the faucet when done!
 After drying I picked out my stamps that would look the best as 2 of the pieces are a bit small, but I made it work!  I wanted to use that gorgeous Sunflower Stamp set from Sheena Douglass.  I now have several sets in my collection - Daisies, Apple Blossoms, Berries, Tulips, Sunflowers, Poppy - and I am enjoying working with them all.  After this set of boxes, I am working on a set of cards each done in an original flower painting by me.  Ok, back to this project!
I tilted the lid for you and as you can see I've used Stickles (also purchased from Crafter's Companion) to highlight the edges and wording of the Sunflower box.  I also emphasized the tiny seeds in the center of the flowers with the Stickles.
I'm a gardener and what gardener doesn't love the presence of butterflies!  The butterflies in the Apple Blossom stamp set are just awesome to work with.  Usually I do a direct to project stamping and create from there.  This time I chose to emboss in gold on heavy card stock and then fussy cut and attach to my box of blossoms and bees!
My smallest of the trio of boxes holds some hand painted (without stamping) poppies.  At this time I edged all the boxes with a brown chalk ink to appear a bit distressed.

Poppies are indeed my favorite flower - and I find them difficult to grown in our clay soil.  But I can always have them by painting them!  Now you too can have your flowers any time of the year - just pick out a beautiful stamp set from Sheena and get started!  Have a beautiful summer!


  1. I just love all of these, but of course my favorite one is the one with the butterfly! Wonderful painting skills by the way!

  2. Great job! I love how the butterflies look like they just landed on the box for a moment and look like they are getting ready to fly off again!



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