Saturday, May 7, 2011


Oh I am so excited yet about Sheena's DVD and projects!  She makes acrylic painting ultra-easy!  My most difficult decision - do I do backgrounds or try another project?  The DVD has a great section on all projects and inspirations with 3 sets of rubber stamps and practice sheets for all 3.  I desperately wanted to do one more project before creating some backgrounds!

My daughter had given me a beautiful glass candle holder for my square candles........and I've been very happy with it.  But as soon as I started watching Sheena Douglas' DVD on Paint Fusion I knew I just had to try a small rose image on the side of that glass candle holder.

Now the sides are not perfectly level and smooth - they have sort of wobble in the glass that is quite lovely.  So that in itself did not present a great challenge - getting a good image was not necessary.  As long as I had a slight outline I was fine and I used Stazon ink, but you can use any archival ink if you wish, I recommend a light color.  In fact, I practiced on the remaining 3 sides before cleaning them off and finalizing the one side above.

Working with the Paint Fusion paint tubes and brushes is ultra-easy!  The brushes clean up beautifully and are top quality.  I work over a craft mat so I simply clean off the mat when changing colors or quitting for the day.  Wash out your brushes and allow to dry - never leave them sitting in the water!  Sheena's hints and tips are quite easy to comprehend and remember for even me - a beginner!  Check out the video online right now!

Now can I see your first tries?

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  1. I think you have found another side of yourself...this flower is absolutly gorgeous!


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