Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanderings from the Wildwood...

Today is my husband's 71st birthday!  He's pretty pleased he has no ailments and takes no medicines and even has all his own teeth!   LOL!  He's one of those lovable characters, believe me!  One of his great friends from IL sent him a PutPut Boat for his birthday - and he has had a lot of fun with it.  Of course, being the 'engineer minded' person he is, the giver and myself both knew he would not be content as is but would improve upon it!  So he added a rudder and moved the fire pot inside and it's a blast!  Even one of the cats (Belle) and the dog are watching every minute it runs.  Here's a photo of Belle trying to catch it and I'm also uploading a short video!

That's like saying "Are we there yet?" - in this frozen land of the North we're anxious to get the garden started.  So we set out seeds of our favorite lettuce brand yesterday - the soil was perfect and the cold frame will keep the young plants protected from the elements.  We should be harvesting sometime around April Fool's Day!  :)

Along with spring come possums - our little girl is pg and avidly looking for sunflower seeds to supplement her evening diet.  We see her quite often at the base of the pussy willow tree.  One evening she climbed it looking for my suet feeders.
Yepper Penny - I'll be in to see you for that spring clipping in 2 weeks! (Nikko smiles at us as if to say, it's spring and enuf of this heavy coat!  Majority Rules is his favorite place to take a trip to.)


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  1. Happy birthday to your husband! Love the pictures and the video. Nikko does look a little wooley...he.he...Hope you guys are doing well!


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