Wednesday, December 29, 2010

January Thaw on the way?

Waking up to a beautiful display of hoar frost on our woods background, I had to get the camera out for some nature shots for my scrapbook.   It was even more beautiful walking thru the woods underneath the ice crystals.

While we have a forecast of a 1 day thaw on the way, we also have 2 days of freezing rain/sleet on the way and then temps going down in to the teens for a week.  So Verdon decided he better start moving some of the snow from the wood shed roof, the swing roof and the shop roof before the ice did its damage.  Roofs can only hold so much snow/ice weight.  This is already the 2nd time for removal.

Our house is an underground earth berm so we usually don't have to worry about the snow on the roof.  However, this year maybe the year we actually snow blow the roof from the lawn above the house!  It makes a huge difference when calculating the weight of snow into 'tons'.

Thought you'd enjoy the view of the house and woods.


  1. I luv this photo, and as i was reading, i was imagining myself as a kid walking through your woods looking up at the ice crystals. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful landscape! So much snow. Do you still get out and about, or do you have to hold up till spring? I'd be tempted to just sit by the fire and gaze out the window. Thanks for sharing....I love seeing your pictures!


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