Saturday, December 4, 2010

First SnowFall of 2010/11 Winter Season

I cannot even imagine what it is to have winter without snow.  And this year our local weather forecaster predicts only 43 inches for us for the entire winter!  Well this morning we woke to 9 inches and coming down!  Take a quick tour with me and Nikko as we try to go around and fill the bird feeders!

Nikko had no trouble at all getting his fur packed with snow balls!  But the snow was way too high for him to jump over for too long, and he eventually decided to just plod behind me in my boot tracks!
This is our arbor and sidewalk from the kitchen to the workshop.  Hubbie took a quick pass thru with the shovel to obtain the snowblower and then spend the next 2 hours clearing out what he could.
Newest style bird feeder inundated with snow.  My husband decided some of my bird feeders needed updating and he created some unusual designs around our wooded trail.  Now to clear the snow to find the feeder bases.

Just plain "no beauty" like "snow beauty" everywhere!


  1. Nikko makes a cute little snow-guy. :-)
    I agree that fresh snow on our surroundings is so beautifully artistic. Love the little snowmen coming down on this page --
    how'd you do that??? Been lovin' the cards you make, Linda! Happy holidays!!

  2. I love your little snowmen too. They are adorable. Snow is very pretty but we had enough when we lived in New England. Now retired in Delaware you may have it all!


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