Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blizzard Conditions with Beauty (updated 12/13/10)


A view of our  home from down the lane.
Ummmmm, I NEVER get 4 gloves!!!
NIKKO steals hubbie's glove and runs away with it!

This blogger lives in the Midwest - deep southwest Wisconsin - so we are always getting weird weather.  But there is always beauty in it also.  Here are a few scenes from this past weekend.  We did not get hit hard with the snow but we did get ice and then that was topped with about 6 inches of snow, causing roads to close and power lines to go down.  But all in all, I found some beauty.

Hubbie heading for the mailbox for me - skated all the way down and took a tour on the highway as well!
Nikko tried to skate by keeping his knees bent but finally gave in and walked on the side of the ice.  The above photos are from Sat. early.

Photos from our woods Sunday morning.

Backside of our underground home - looking down hill on the winter supply of wood.  Mulberry tree hanging very low with ice in foreground.


  1. My goodness, there is beauty all around! We are at 20 degrees and a light dusting of snow on ground. Maybe 2 inches of snow by morning. The weather men are leaving a wide birth around us.....they are not sure what is going to happen here so they are saying 2-5 inches depending where you are. I'm figuring the low side. that is usually what happens here.

  2. Very pretty pictures Linda. We only got 11 inches with a ton of blowing and drifting. I didn't take any pictures because although I can see the beauty of your photos I "HATE" snow. I really want to move somewhere warm and dry.

    stamp on...


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