Saturday, November 6, 2010

Poinsettia Time?

First of all, I wanted to take a photo of what was left of my Halloween table setting!  No candy, that's for sure.  But I loved the little treat boxes this year - seemed to make my old witch smile!  But I realize it's hard to see her under all the chinese lanterns!  Obviously a good year for them!
Now I never wish to rush Christmas - I love it too much!  I am so envious of those friends of mine who have beautiful decorations up for months!  I have nowhere to even store them let alone purchase them, so I have a very vintage homemade Christmas each year.  But this past Christmas was something very different.  My husband had purchased a gorgeous WHITE poinsettia for our anniversary, Dec. 15, and it lasted all thru the winter and thru the spring, so I chose to put it outside.

I was at my sister in law's one day and she was throwing out her RED poinsettia and I salvaged that - figured it would be a good accent in the flower garden with the WHITE one.  Little did I know that they both would survive all summer, a flooded lawn, and into the fall.  And they were very beautiful all summer - very full and providing a lovely accent.  So this fall I repotted both and brought them into our sunroom.
This is the red one as it's developing its new red leaves for this Christmas.

 I checked this week and found the red poinsettia is developing its red leaves already!  How awesome.  The white one is lightening up but still very pale green.  How precious!
But they are massive water drinkers!  You can see my Christmas cactus in the very distant background.  Today it showed numerous little flower buds as it probably will be blooming by Thanksgiving.

I'm doing Christmas cards today for a Church Mission Craft sale in 2 weeks.  Not quite done but will post at least one asap.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. What wonderful flowers. I've never been able to make them live. I would get them home and they would start dropping leaves and continue on until there was only a few stalks left. No green thumb here!

  2. Love your new blog background! looks fab! Didn't get to look yesterday because I forgot my computer at my luck! And how exciting about the flowers..wish I had thought to plant mine. hugs,T

  3. Love how the Halloween treat boxes turned out! Very cute!

    Anna N.


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