Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spotted Bunnies and Our Snowman Crossing!

We have a few acres of woods that we've developed into a wildlife sanctuary with a private trail throughout the woods that helps us maintain our 'figures'!!!  Sprinkled amidst the woods are interactive wooden creatures, such as these rabbits who seemed to have sprouted bunnies overnite!  What else from black and white rabbits to spotted bunnies!  There also is a swinging ape that can come crashing thru the tree tops quite unexpectedly and mountain lions, deer, bison, moose, etc.  It's all in fun and all made by my hubby just for our enjoyment - and the kiddos who come to visit!

A trailer full of snowmen and Nikko!  Happy Winter!!!!!!


  1. I think this is so cute! Looks like you are getting into the spirit of the coming Holiday! Nikko looks so sweet just sitting there amongst the snowmen!

  2. Mama's precious boy! He is a camera ham isn't he? Cutie!

  3. Linda,
    How lucky you are to have that property. It looks amazing and the creations your husband is making to add to the enjoyment are so fun. Looks like a very nice place to stroll.


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