Friday, July 16, 2010

Queen of the Month - our year comes to a close!

Yes, you read right - the Queen of the Month club on Scrapbook Place closes at the end of August, but - and that's the most important but of all - we begin a new club on September 1st. I will be one to renew my membership for sure. I have loved creating cards and sending images to the queen who reigns for each month.

This particular card is going to my bud, Teresa Rogers! She has been our loyal Queen in Residence for the past year. It hasn't been an easy reign with some of the members leaving the group and leaving a gap in the queens for each month, but each month we worked it out and incorporated new members, filled more months and had a wonderful time.

Teresa's fave colors are turquoise and browns (differing shades) so I thought I'd let Ms. Tilda pop off this page (and her royal seat) with lots of embellishments inside and outside!

The inside message says: You are the QUEEN! Nothing more needs to be said!

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