Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Garden Updates

Sadly, Jack has lost his pulpit, but hooray - he now has a lovely seed packet joined in the same area as the pulpit was. Look to the right of the stem under the leaf. The leaves are spotting and fading - but there is a promise it will return with even more jacks surrounding him. It's been fun following Jack on this blog.

My hummingbirds are drunk on hosta nectar this year. Of the hundreds of blooming hostas the hummers are having a party! One can quietly watch them in the dews of the morning and the quiet of the late sunset anytime. After a great rain, you can see the hummers sliding down the leaves of the hosta - supposedly taking their baths to rid themselves of lice.

This photo is a Montana Blue hosta (a miniature hosta), given to me as a gift from a felllow hovercrafter many years ago. This year it has tripled itself and is really doing a great job of blooming. I don't recall a bloom any year until now on this plant. The leaves are truly blue until the sun hits them. It's obvious I'm going to have to dig up more lawn to expand the bed!

So what do you think? Leave me a comment.......I'd love it!

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