Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunflowers Do Grow Anywhere....

No special cards to upload today (yet)!! But I do have to share this lovely sunflower that decided it wanted to grow right in front of our garage door. And yes, we do use this garage door constantly. The funny thing about it all is that the sunflower is in the perfect spot to not be bumped by the car or the door. Now how did Mother Nature figure out that one? I've watered it a couple times but most of the time it needs very little care - just a 'hi' when I go by seems sufficient.

There is a separation in the cement floor of the garage and the driveway right where the seed must have dropped - errrrr been planted by a chipmunk. And there it has treasured its spot in life.
Here's a quick layout I did for this little remind of nature's ability.

Like the little sunflower, maybe that's what we all need to do - treasure our little spot in life! Have a great weekend!

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