Monday, June 14, 2010


STASH MONDAY.......perfect description to the way the day ended. Almost started out as Trash Monday when our prospective DSL just would not work. Took until 3:12 pm this afternoon for the ISP to figure out what was wrong....and I sure was glad to see everything happen all at once.

So in honor of TRASH MONDAY...I pulled my STASH and created 5 (only 4 shown) birthday cards for 5 upcoming friends' birthdays! I'll STASH a surprise inside of each and wish them the greatest birthday ever! As most of you know, I'm always hesitant to make bows for cards. Well, my friend Barb in Winter Springs FL rakked me with a nice baggie full - and it's so wonderful to just pull a bow and adhere to the card! Thanks ever Barb!!!

Isn't that what we all want - one special day a year? Sometimes it's tough to get, kwim? Have yourself a great Tuesday!

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