Friday, May 14, 2010


What does everyone else do when your time slot for creativity gets narrowed to NOTHING? Betwixt the weeding of the various flower beds, the planting of the new annuals I've raised from seed, the weeding of the garden, cleaning house and laundry and shopping as well, I've just been stretched to nothing by evening. Come evening I love to browse the various blogs on the net and I do not remember HOW I came across Kellybee's blog, but I am sooooo happy I did! As soon as you find a bit of time, hop on over and visit her and leave her a comment! I was totally surprised when she personally emailed me back offering me one of her lovely images!

Anyhow, above is a card I made following one of her 'shower cards'. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give my creativity a whack in the behind and get moving - notice the paper pieced raincoat.........Kelly did that also on hers. The most difficult was finding paper I could do it with. Actually cutting and gluing and coloring with my copics were fun! I don't know if it's my monitor this evening, but the background yellows are true yellow - not mustard. :) I had a chance to use my sewing machine with a zig zag holding the papers together, and I also put a few tiny rhinestones on the rain drops - 5 to keep that perfect balance.

Now off to make some more using different themes. Hmmmmmmm, I just thought of something wonderful - a paper pieced card category in a card swap would be an awesome twist. And I'm hosting a card swap at Scrapbook Place! Woo hoo!

Til tomorrow and hopefully I will be back here for a bit! And oh yes, I have to update you on the Jacks - they are HUUUUUUGE!!


  1. What an adorable card!! Great job.

  2. Love your card and I think the thing growing on your tree is a type of fungus


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