Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coyotes or Foxes?

A few weeks back we found these holes in the lower southern area of our woodland.......all too close to our lawn and home. Figured they were groundhogs which we detest, but as time went on we'd see crow feathers, rabbit fur, even garbage wraps from the burn barrel. Today we found a huge goose egg! Yes, that's right. Look to the right of the hole in the bottom right picture. It's very real but slightly cracked too - but I'm wondering why they haven't eaten it yet unless we surprised them. My brother thinks it's a turkey egg.

There are about 5 exits they've mined and probably all connect. The local Dept. of Natural Resources is guessing it's a den of fox raising young ones. We've noticed a lot of gray hair lately being rubbed off at the entrances when they come and go - so now we suspect it's coyotes. We have both in this area and I really don't treasure either living there.

It makes our dog very nervous when they are moving around or yipping or something. I can't hear it at the time and haven't seen anything move yet. But his keen hearing keeps him alert. We have an electric underground fence between the lawn and the woods so he doesn't go there unless we allow it.

Perhaps someday we'll see a young group of coyotes or fox......and they'll leave!

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