Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last evening approx. 10:10 here in southwestern Wisconsin, we suddenly saw the front lawn, shop, living room and everything around the area light up as if it were the strongest lightning bolt we ever would see. Within minutes bulletins came across our tv stations about others seeing this phenomenon.

We immediately went outside but couldn't see it any longer - however, we did experience a lot of rumbling in the distance. Others reported the earth shaking.

While it's still being confirmed, it appeared to be a large meteor breaking up very close to the Portage WI area which is a couple hours from us. The alleged meteor apparently was seen by onlookers from Ohio to Iowa.

More to read here:

UPDATE: A Dodgeville resident about 35 miles from us found a piece of this 'meteor' on his house roof. He loaned it to the UW for confirmation. It's been determined it truly was a meteor entering the atmosphere from the meteorite shower happening that evening.

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