Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Anything Day!

Are you a cardmaker? I love to make cards - I refuse to buy one of those overpriced pieces of non-thinking cardboard. My friend Barb in Florida sent me a whole bunch of bumbled bunny images and I chose to color them all with my copics and create a Happy Anything Day for that special moment I need that perfect card! In fact, I think I'll send a completed card back to Barb now as a thank you! My friend Mary in Minnesota sent me the Happy Anything Day inserts! They are so perfect and can be cut any size and mounted or just attached with a fancy clip! Thank you Mary and Barb for helping me create more of a card stash!


  1. Sooo Cute! Love the image! hugs,T

  2. This is one of THE cutest cards I've seen in awhile, Linda! (tho I don't "get" the bumble-bunny part - LOL)

  3. That's beautiful!


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