Monday, April 26, 2010

Coloring in Groups of 16!

A quiet Sunday evening - rented a movie thru PPV on Dish - watching 2012. So I dragged out my copic stash and 16 of the cutest cat/mouse images piffed to me by my friend Barb in Florida and began coloring. In no time, my assembly line was complete and I had to put aside the completion work til today. But being Monday, laundry and house cleaning and garden weeding got in the way, as well as hauling wood for my hubbie's brother who was in a logging accident. To get to my hubbie's brother's house we decided to bike the entire 6 1/3 miles (one way). I also walked my usual 3 miles this morning, so after biking over 12 miles this afternoon, tonite I indeed feel like making cards instead! So tonite I'm finally completing my cards.

It's really fun doing things assembly line style - I get along better at that than just doing one card at a time. Much too much work for my little brain! Who would've known?!

Enjoy April - it soon will be May!


  1. What cuties!
    Did you guys wear your helmets?

  2. Yepper, I always do. It just took one fall last year to remind me to never take a chance. Thx for checking on me.........hugs, Me

  3. wonderful colouring and I love the pattern of brads...great way to use some stash items!


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