Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As my flowers are telling me, it's time for some division and more replanting. The spider plant(s!!!) - I have 2 exactly like this - definitely want some trimming and repotting........and their turn will come.

My friendship violets have doubled in size now and in numbers so I have the soil and pots ready to repot - probably tomorrow. Note how the leaves and the small flowerettes just opening are white/pink/green on this plant. It's a real treasure. I got my first one from a friend as a gift and I've continued to divide and create more for my friends who I encourage to do the same.

Palm Sunday has passed as well as Monday and I'm finding it difficult to delegate time to keep up my blog........oh woe is me! But since our weather has changed, my hubbie and I are hot into working up the garden and doing other spring fun items around the ranch!
One of my best friends sent me a package of the most lovely birthday cards - we both belong to SCRAPBOOK PLACE and enjoy making cards and challenging each other to layouts and other projects. The card is your typical Z card made with 12" length cs; whereas I have routinely used only 8.5" cs. This will be fun to try to copy! She does such beautiful work!!!

Today we hauled in a truckload of the purest black gold on the market - composted cow manure! This past fall/winter we spent extra time applying more compost from the household as well as purchased bags that went on sale for 50 cents a bag at our local Walmart. A good rototilling and our garden will be begging for seeds. Which we will begin planting tomorrow. Carrots and our favorite lettuce will be going in tomorrow.
This picture is part of only one layer of our indoor seeds which started sprouting this week. Hubbie says we have about 80 pots started now and the cold frame is all set to go as well. Everything from broccoli to flowers are in those lovely pots. We are the type of individuals who enjoy growing our own vegetables for both the convenience and safety of our food. My freezer is still 1/2 full of the most beautiful green beans/broccoli/rhubarb and yes, even the zucchini bread! I really don't "can" anymore - altho last year I did do a few quarts of pears from my brother's pear tree, but that's all. I enjoy blanching and freezing and bringing my vegie beauties back to life in a hot steam bath!
Til tomorrow when I can post another SHOE CARD for EASTER..........enjoy your spring day!

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