Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palm Sunday Violets!

I love flowers - and I hope I have passed my love for flowers on to my daughters, granddaughter and now great grandchildren. These are 4 of my violets I have raised from little leaves - and they are all going to new homes on Palm Sunday. No, it's not a tradition or anything like that. They merely tend to be blooming really great right around this time of year if I start them from leaves the previous year or so earlier.

You know, there is a limit as to how many plants you can water/fertilize/keep happy in a day - and I definitely hit my limit recently. So as my 4 babes above head for their new homes tomorrow evening, their empty slots in my windows will already be filled with new little leaves and plants just eager for the happy sunshine that comes in our windows.

Pass a love you have on to your generations to follow. And if you need a violet, jlmk!


  1. I need a violet--LOL in fact anything to add some color to this white world I live in this time of year!!! Juanita (ladyj)

  2. They are beautiful, for sure! I certainly wish I had as green of a thumb as you do!



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