Saturday, March 13, 2010


On September 2, 2011, our new vet verified Belle is indeed a blue point Balinese/Himalayan.  She's a wonderful breed if you are ever looking for a feline.  :)
Belle is my buddy, wherever I am in the house. I'll turn and she's keeping her eye on me. She used to love to play with the images on the computer screen, til she got a little older and her weight changed and the keys started typing! I am an animal rescuer - Belle came to us in 2004 from being abused. She weighed 3 lb. at 9 months. The vet told us she would always be petite; now she's over 6 and weighs only 7 altho her hair certainly makes her look heavier! She rules the roost around our Zuchon, Nikko. She just merely walks in and eats his food or takes his toys - and he sits and waits carefully. He's had a taste of her claws! I colored the digi image last evening for a page in my BOM (Book of Me) depicting Belle's daily brushing I do for her.

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  1. Belle is SO gorgeous - hope to see lots more of the fur angels on your blog!

    Ramona :-)


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