Sunday, March 14, 2010

Layouts on a Sunday Afternoon!

Just a week ago today we gathered to surprise my husband for his upcoming 70th birthday. 2 of his 4 kids and families (including 6 grandchildren) were here with all the treats and gifts. (2 of his children and families - 4 more grandchildren) live out of state. Even Nikko got in on the fun with some jumping on the mini-tramp with Jayln, Justin and Jacob! Birthdays are very special, aren't they?!

My husband is a very special person to me and all of us. If you'd love to see some of the things he has invented over his lifetime, just click on StarCruiser Hovercrafts and have a good read. His next project is to convert my Mongoose bike to electric! That will be a real ride!

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  1. Great layouts, what a nice surprise for him! hugs,T


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