Monday, January 1, 2018

IT'S A NEW YEAR - with renewed promises to myself!

2018 descended upon us about an hour after we went to bed.  At our ages we just don't waste precious time propping eyelids open with toothpicks to ring in any year!  2018 will be a good year - our whole family has so much new to look forward to.  Especially my youngest daughter who had her entire knee replaced in November 2017 and is already getting back to driving slowly!  I'm proud of her!  My eldest daughter is active in her favorite passions where she lives - her church, the Historical Society of which she's on the board and has numerous items of her treasures on display and she works hard at the local hospital!

2017 ended the year in an accident for us when a lady just didn't see us pulling a trailer and crashed right into everything, shoving us off the road.  It shortened our Mississippi river visit - the last one of the year - in fact we never got to the water!  :)  I'm now looking forward to warm weather and a ride on the river!

Christmas Thursday we let our beloved Nikko (teddy bear dog) out for his nightly relieft and he walked back in with the sweetest skinniest little feline and we've chosen to keep him.  He's obviously lost but has adapted well to us.


My great grandchildren (4) are taken major steps......from learning to drive to wrestling championships, going for a baseball scholarship to his favorite college and my smallest one becoming a jujitsu champ!

Anywho - come visit us at OUTLAWZ GREETINGS - just click the link!  Here's what's up for one more week!

"Linda W. and your entire Greetings Team wishing you the most blessed and safe HAPPY NEW YEAR as we welcome in 2018. 
As you know, we are having a Christmas/New Year Break and will not be back until January the 8th, so please feel free to enter up to 3 times for this challenge.  To check our our created talent, just check back on the challenge: 
Bring your craftiness to full bloom in 2018 - let's really show our OUTLAWZ team how much YOU can rock with talent!
We wish you all Happy Holidays and a very crafty New Year!


Here's my entry!  Drop me a line and let me know you are entering a project too!


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