Thursday, January 1, 2015


AS we enter a new year, its time to think back on last year and look ahead to the new memories we are going to make. Look ahead to what we want to accomplish. Will it be a year to make big changes, little changes or keep the status quo.   YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE is starting the new year off right with a great challenge - and what a wonderful sponsor wants to help us out.

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Your project can be any crafty thing you make or alter. You can make a sweater, do a scrapbook page, alter a box, book, candle, etc. You can also make a card. But you must follow our simple rule OF THE FACT, You must have made it.  Do not use any one else's work please.

And remember anything goes.  Now here is my entry at YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE.  Just click on the link and see what everyone else is doing and enter your own in our Mr. Linky at the bottom of their page.

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