Monday, July 28, 2014


Sponsor: RSD (Rick St. Dennis) and Fred She Said
Theme: Anything Goes

(Look out for all those Ladybugs!)
I happily chose to use FRED SHE SAID images called DAISIES AND LADYBUGS!  I merged a lot of different daises and ladybugs into this scene, including the greeting.  I've learned not to move things around too much, else at the end you'll have something in front that was supposed to go to the back as in my stems.  Oh well, it's still pretty; I hope you think so too.  And I furthermore invite you to visit FRED SHE SAID's store as well as OUTLAWZ GREETINGS CHALLENGE!

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  1. I think this is pretty too Linda, I love daisies, they're one of my favourite flowers. I think the two front stems look fine, they bring those two daisies to the foreground so it looks like a garden full of gorgeous flowers.


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