Monday, July 21, 2014


So what really is SUMMER???  :)   Sponsor: Beansie Doodle
Theme:  Summer Fun

 It's mid July and camping fever hits about every Wisconsin and Minnesota resident around.  Beansie Doodle has the cutest little gal over there called Holly Jingles.  Truth be known, she's all dressed for Christmas, but why not have some camping fun in a different outfit.  Just better not go swimming in it!

Of course, then there is Santa - Here's what GOOGLE said!!!  “Santa should wear flip flops.” Poor crazy uncle, sweating inside his heavy red Christmas suit. It’s high summer in South America, and very hot. Many cities will host festivities on the streets, and people like to enjoy the fireworks, sing villancicos, and host neighborhood parties after midnight. December 25 and Jan 1 are often spent at the houses of those with swimming pools."
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