Monday, April 7, 2014

SPRING COLORS - SQUIGGLEFLY - check out the new launch!

SFC1414 HHH Use Bright Spring Colors
Interior of my card

This was such a precious image and when it launched on April 5, I just knew I'd use it for a spring challenge.  My husband and 3 of his brothers are all pilots, having built their own planes and have many 'war stories' of landing in hay fields around here.  Just about everyone you run into at the Farm and Fleet new store remember when Joe Weber would land his TaylorCraft behind the old building site to pick up construction supplies.  Farm & Fleet were so appreciative of his business and the fame he brought THEM, that they put a huge photo on the wall of Joe and his plane.  I've even gone up with Joe in the TaylorCraft - such a treat that reminded me of probably how many of the barn stormers felt!  My husband his brother both built 3 plans, purchased another TaylorCraft, as well as built and flew their own Gyro copter!  The gyro copter blade hangs horizontally over our shop door - a fantastic 22 feet of fiberglass.  Now think about that flying circular over the top of your head in flight!

My hubbie flies low these days building RC planes and sharing his hovercraft hobby with others.  We often have the local high school physics class tour our shop and ask hubby lots of aeronautical and wing in gravity questions.  Both my husband and his twin brother built the VERY FIRST WIG and flew it over the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers on lots of occasions.  I actually am the first woman to fly the same WIG (wing in ground effect) to 20 feet.  Not that long ago, but I'm glad those days are behind me.

Coming back from Fairbanks on our flight from Alaska recently, I broke an ear drum.  I swear I'll never fly again after that.  As for the guys and their accomplishments, the WEBER DREAM was an actual plane that won the twins notoriety at Oshkosh EAA and you can read about it here: .  There's even a cool photo of my husband and his twin brother in their much younger years.  So I will be using this image often I know.

Come over to the Squigglefly Blogspot Challenge and enter a spring colored card or art project preferably using one of the Squigglefly images.  There are freebies, and if your name is chosen, you are on the way to building your own digi collection.

Best of luck and see you there!

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  1. wow Linda, what an interesting background in flying your family has! I really love your card - the rainbow ribbon is a great touch of bright colors for the challenge!


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