Monday, January 13, 2014

Just me again!

Just a quick note.  A few of you have  been asking about my latest surgery and how I'm feeling; so how about a quick post using one of my favorite images from Squigglefly?!!!  This lovely orchid was colored with my copics.

On Tues. 1/7/14 I had a RETROCALCANEAL HEEL SPUR REDUCTION OF REPAIR OF ACHILLES TENDON.  You can see a video of one on you tube by clicking on the link.  Warning: I can't even watch it all.  But it will be weeks of care and casts and boots and crutches and a knee walker to get me going again.  I'm glad it was done tho.  No hesitation there.

But if something can happen to me, it will certainly happen.  The day of my pre-op appt. I was waiting in the waiting room with a lady who was coughing her lungs and tubes out.  It was horrid.  Finally a nurse removed her.  I swear at that point I got a virus that infected my bronchial tubes and I've been fighting a great case of bronchial pneumonia now.

So the word is, my posts are scheduled.  I'm still here.  Email me if you wish.  Just know I care about each of you.  Hugs!  Linda


  1. oh gosh Linda, as if dealing with your surgery isn't enough you now have to deal with bronchial pneumonia? I'm so sorry and wish there were something I could do for you! I will say prayers you get over that quickly and that your foot heals well and you are back on both of your feet soon!
    As for your card - I just love it! The muted colors is so lovely.

  2. Oh dear, glad your surgery went well and sorry you caught another person's nasty. Hope your recovery from both is speedy!!

  3. Linda, I am so sorry. I have been out of it and didn't realize you were having major surgery and have a horrible head infection. Wow - please forgive me! Your card is so gorgeous - I can't believe you are making cards while you are down like this - and such beautiful ones at that. Hope both your issues are resolved soon - heal fast (no pun intended). Hugz!


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