Monday, September 30, 2013


I enjoyed making this card twice - one for publishing in a magazine in the UK and another for the Squigglefly challenge, and I'll still be able to surprise a couple people with the same cards!  How cool is that!

CHRISTMAS ANGEL will be released Saturday, October 5 at Squigglefly's store.  It's a must have to add to your collection.  Super easy to color - and much fun to add glitter and rhinestones and flowers and bows.  My gf Pammie made me the flowers!  Aren't they sweet!

And don't forget that if you are looking for exquisite decent priced ribbon in the size and color you want, check your local WalMart.  I found Offray about 33 cents a yard and many colors and on rolls!

And I'll let you know when that magazine hits the store shelves and IF I'm really in there!  :) 

May you find peace and joy this Christmas season and may the light of Son shine on you and yours this blessed day.


Hey, I had trouble coming up with a heading for this card project!  But the EYES have it, don't you agree?  SEEMS A LITTLE SKETCHY is being sponsored by MY GRAFICO and you can win some beautiful stamps!  The stamps in this card were ALL precolored (how awesome huh?) and easy to maneuver around to fit 'more than a few' on my card following this sketch (your only requirement):
 I created 4 of this Happy Birthday card for future birthdays!
Prize:  One Set - Up to $5.00 of Winner's Choice from My Grafico

Well I'm going to quit right there and give you a chance to get in this challenge.  Don't you just feel this sketch is super easy to work with!  Hugs and have a great day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Some of you know about the beautiful images you can get from FRED SHE SAID's STORE.  I have used these images over and over and anxiously grab up any new ones that go up (and Tracey says perhaps yet this month for more new ones!).  Here are 2 cards I made up with the precolored images!

What you probably didn't know is there's a huge 1 week sale going on.  Get all the wonderful digis you want - colored or b/w - many many sets to satisfy you.  Holidays coming up - here's the best way to make your cards to surprise everyone with.

Just 20% off any order over $10 and 30% off any order over $20.  Do you know what kind of savings that it?!  It's awesome savings!  

So come on over to FRED SHE SAID's Store and shop a bit with me.

Monday, September 23, 2013


What gorgeous weather around here to be doing Fall and Thanksgiving and even Halloween cards. I just love this image from my girlfriend Pamela Lehto. I combined the image with a sentiment from my Canadian girlfriend Charlene! My camera didn't do the best job this time; the leaves are full of fall colored glitter and the bow is really sparkly.
Everything is flat enough to go for a $.46 postage mailing.  The paper clip was there to help me hold the card flat so I could photo the interior.  But I'm thinking it makes a great little accent piece on the note card (a gorgeous set from my girlfriend in Louisiana Mel!) tada for this evening.  But be sure to pick up your image at Squigglefly whether it's purchased or free and enter our PINK AND WHAT? challenge at Squigglefly's blogspot.  Just click on my links and best of luck!


SFC3813 Holley Hobbyists, Pink and WHAT?

(and have the attitude to back it up.)--inside card.

Holley's Hobbyists created a very fun challenge this week - just create a card using PINK and ????.  That's right - you tell us what your favorite combo is with pink.

As you can see, I love PINK AND BLACK!  I thought perhaps Sally could have a long black umpire's jacket with her frilly pink dress showing out from beneath!  Now who would believe she's upset or anything!  NOT SALLY!!  She'll get her message across, I am sure.

This is a 6x6 card - the image is colored in copics and the sentiment is one of three that comes with the set. 

Come on over to SQUIGGLEFLY'S BLOGSPOT and join in our challenge - perhaps you will win a free stampset.  Just play hard - enter some cards with the challenge theme - and post away!  Just be sure to use a SQUIGGLEFLY  digi image.

Also, please come on over to Squigglefly's Facebook page so you have the chance to win freebies. There are always fabulous opportunities to win freebies there! Just type in ‘Squigglefly’ in the search box and it will magically appear!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

GIVING THANKS = for a hundred million things!

TEMPTATION - Judith Hart 
GIVE THANKS - Charlene Mitchell
Wow, what a wonderful time of the year.  We in SW Wisconsin entered the first hour of fall at 3:49pm and the weather is just marvelous!  Well about my card above.  It's a 5.5x6 simply because it all evolved that way.  I had chosen Judith Hart's "TEMPTATION" to make this card and Charlene Mitchell's "GIVE THANKS" for my sentiment.  Multiple layering and a few embellishments as well as a lot of fun coloring with the copics brought it all around.  Hope you drop by the Squigglefly challenge each week and try your hand.  You can easily win by following instrux and being the luck of the random generator !  How cool is that!

Well, see this little fur babe below snuggled into this giant pink dog.  It's really comfie and has always been her 'go to' when she wanted to snooze awhile.  Now to see this little lady (TinkerBelle) lying on this dog is a major milestone today.  It's actually been a long time since she had used the comfie position as she proceeded to have multiple problems, principally from contracting a case of fleas.  She DOES NOT go outside but we have a dog who does!  Follow the photos and I'll tell you what happened, and hopefully prevent you from getting in the same predicament.

This past 2 weeks we found that FRONTLINE PLUS had failed to protect the dog and he brought fleas into TINKERBELLE.  Apparently her application failed also which turns out surprising.  But these 2 applications were applied using the flea meds from our vet and were most recently purchased in August.  The other 2 ladies had used the remainder 2 vials of a pkg. purchased before that at DrsFosterSmith (online).  I usually buy whenever I need it and if I'm ordering online always include another pkg. of 3 vials.
The photo shows her actually 'pushing her big sister' out of the way to sample some of her kitty food this a.m.  Another major milestone in her's what happened...

I have been using FRONTLINE PLUS on all 4 animals every month very faithfully.  No matter the cost of approx. $60 a month for this product, I've sacrificed for all my pets.  They are all rescues and the 3 felines are all seniors over 10 yo.

Nikko the dog got so sick of the fleas tormenting him we had to ruse to the emergency vet and thru the visit he was given a 30 minute flea killer.  Meanwhile we decided to switch to REVOLUTION because of the failure of FRONTLINE PLUS on both animals.  The next nite TinkerBelle had to be rushed in for breathing difficulties which turned out to be the onset of heart disease for this 10 yo.  She also was given a 30 min. flea killer because her skin was dramatically punctured by these vicious biting insects.  NIKKO (the dog) had a blood test the nite he was there to be sure he could handle REVOLUTION - if he had an active case of heart worms he would not be able to do that.  But he was ok and starting the REVOLUTION was the best thing.  Now he's covered for heart worms as well as fleas and ticks, etc.  However his blood test came back showing him to have LYME DISEASE now do to a bite of a deer tick this past month (FRONTLINE's failure again).  
 The real kicker here is that I ran into a lady at the vet's office who had the same problem with her terrier and he presently was under anesthetic while they sprayed his fleas.  I have also gone to FRONTLINE's Facebook page and been appalled at all the other customers in our same boat! 

So now I've contacted customer service and found I cannot use their guarantee which is posted on every box whether you buy it at Farm&Fleet, Drs.Foster&Smith, PetSmart, etc.  If it's not purchased at a vet they will not stand behind the guarantee!  I have to foot the bill of Terminix doing my home all by my little lonesome, and I will.

So my question of them is:  how can you leave the guarantee on the boxes that are being sold everywhere that is not a vet?  I love my vets - I always purchase there when I can and there should not be this problem.

DO NOT take it for granted your pets are guarded under FRONTLINE PLUS.  An important element in the formula has been removed most recently and the failure to have that element has caused everyone else troubles!  Below is a photo of Belle who this afternoon crawled up on my sewing machine cabinet, yet another MILESTONE for her in her recovery!  She's lost a couple pounds and weighs a little over 6.3 lb. and will need to take pills the rest of her life.  She presently is on 4 a day and I've developed a chart to help out, especially since we are pilling the dog 3x a day for his disease.
 Looking for this all to be routine now. 

Monday, September 16, 2013


WHAT AN AWESOME SKETCH TO WORK FROM.  I really enjoyed twisting and turning and finally leaving it entirely alone and working from there.  SEEMS A LITTLE SKETCHY is being sponsored these 2 weeks by SASSY STUDIOS DESIGNS!!! 


SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS is sponsoring SEEMS A LITTLE SKETCHY and the stampsets they have are a lot of VA VA VABOOM style!  I chose BUBBLE GUM SASSY - she reminds me so much of my granddaughters and soon my great granddaughter!  (And I too have a penchant for chewing gum - haven't done bubbles for awhile but next on my TO DO LIST!
So again I actually created two cards using the image.  I had digi printed the black/white circles and had pulled them abit askew to look like bubble gum (as well as coloring them with copics).  I hope you get time to come over to SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS and pick out an image and enter it into the SEEMS A LITTLE SKETCHY contest for the next 2 weeks.

The wonderful prize is 4 AWESOME DIGIS of your choice from SASSY STUDIOS DESIGNS!  I hope my cards get you feeling "sticky" enough to grab a piece of gum and work up your own card ideas and enter it at SALS!!!

When I would visit "DOWN ON THE FARM"...

Ah wonderful memories of my maternal grandparents' farm.  It was so pleasantly placed nestled in a valley!  I remember sliding down in the seat when Mom would be driving down their hilly rocky entrance.  I honestly don't remember much about when Dad was alive, if we went often or not.  He died when I was only 10.  But Mom's 'mom' and 'step-dad' were very special people.  They had this lovely creek flowing right across and thru that rocky road we would drive down.  It eventually flowed into the Pecatonica River not too far away.  But I was sheltered and not allowed to go that far and fish.  Just me and my sis would 'pretend fishing' as there were nothing but little chubs in the creek.  My brothers would try to catch crawdads by hand!  At that time, I thought they were pretty stupid!  I also remember my sis and I venturing down to the railroad tracks which separated their property in the lowlands and wandered up to a cave along the tracks which had a couple 'hobos' in it waiting to board the next freight car thru that they could - a common practice in those days.  We RAN home!!!  But how times change, huh?  I wish I could show my great grandkids their farm, but alas it is gone.  But not the memories, and the photos!!!

But today's challenge at SQUIGGLEFLY BLOGSPOT is to create a card with the theme DOWN ON THE's my choice:

I also am making another 6x6 card with a GOOD CATCH - MADDIE on it, and believe me, she's so sweet and special carrying the fish she caught!!!  Coloring is with copics, sky is chalked, a bit of white pen and glitter in the tiny waves...

And this card is ready for my son in law's birthday in October. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


It's time to make a few more Christmas cards. I have enough Halloween and am now working on Fall/Thanksgiving cards, so taking a pleasant break to do a beautiful Lamp Post card using FRED SHE SAID STORE's digi collection. 

-outlines and pre-coloured versions  
-also with just the white or black lantern ( add your own flowers ;) )
-separate poinsettias image
-A2 and 6x6 square distressed script background ( John 8:12) 
-5 sentiments as you see above.  
*There are PNGs and JPGs and 2 printable SHEETS in this set. 

*The script background is great for  inking, tinting or colouring after printing or printing on a kraft or coloured cardstock. Take into your graphics program and change the colour of the script or use the provided PNG to layer on top of digital paper before printing ;)

This is a 6x6 card using a super simple sketch and a few beautiful embellishments.  Come on over to Fred She Said's store and select yourself an awesome set of Christmas digis and get your cards completed ahead of time.

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

John 8:12

Monday, September 9, 2013


HALLOWEEN ROSEY AND EMMA THE CAT are going out in style for Halloween. I found these delightful characters at FRED SHE SAID'S STORE and I wanted to draw your attention to them. Now I hope the cards don't look difficult - because in fact this was an ultra easy opportunity to get 4 more Halloween cards done for the grandkids (and great grandkids) this year!  Follow the photos along:
EMMA the cat - isn't she just adorable?  She actually comes in a stampset that includes:  One full ready-to-print PDF sheet with 2 spotted Emmas + 2 plain Emmas ( 3 inches tall - tested to fit Spellbinders Nestablilities scalloped and plain ovals and rectangles -large sets - largest sized dies - should fit the "small" set largest dies as well.) Also has sentiments for cutting out at the bottom.
- One full ready-to-print PDF sheet with 2 spotted Emmas + 2 plain Emmas ( 3.5 inches tall) - no sentiments.
- 3 Emma's - one spotted, one plain, one plain with cutesy smile for those who'd rather not have the nearly toothless grin LOL! These are transparent PNG outlines and 4 sentiments.
This is HALLOWEEN ROSEY, of course (in the colored version) - Rosey comes in BOTH the Digi and Pre-coloured images in this set.  ( Ready-to-print sheets are available upon request, just email me Tracey!)
 DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THE SENTIMENT: The thoft onez pleathe! :)

Emma The Cat also comes in a Decoupage Sheet + extras: ( all 200 ppi)
- Emma the Cat Decoupage Sheet  - Emma the Cat PNG format - coloured version with transparent background.
- the following sentiments in transparent PNG format:
~Trick or Treat!~
~The thoft onez pleathe!~
~Happy Halloween!~
All of the above are precolored versions which allowed me lots of time to work with embellies and background and distressing.  I used 4 blank cards that were already cut for me.

I hope your Halloween prep is underway.  I do believe I'm probably done with all the cards I need.  It'll be fun to hear about the smiles from the kiddos receiving them all!

OKAY! Talk to me!!!

Squigglefly's challenge this week is from Holley's Hobbyists and instructions are to add some form of sentiment on your card. Think of those images that come with sentiments, all those great .99  Squigglefly sayings, even as embellishment with words or even your very own clever computer generated text.

My 11 yo great granddaughter plays on the local kids' softball team.  And she's an awesome catcher!  So I was inspired into using Cheryl Alger Grant's "PLAY HARD OR GO HOME" and surprise her with a card.  I'm also entering into Squigglefly's wonderful challenge.   I can just see Sally's red in the face expression too - can't you?  And just imagine that toe stompin' in the dirt!!!  

Yepper, someone better start listening, cause "IT'S SO ON!!!"

Come over to Squigglefly and enter Holley's "talk to me" challenge.  So many easy peasy ways to go with this - so:


Monday, September 2, 2013


That feeling of Fall is here, isn't it?  But looking at the thermometer in the 90's, it's far enuf away to enjoy the absence of bugs as my husband and I sit in the swing and enjoy a delicious fall apple!  This year our few apple trees decided to do quite well and I've been freezing the most delicious applesauce and he's been dehydrating apple slices!  Yum!  

SEEMS A LITTLE SKETCHY is having a great challenge for us - with a wonderful sketch that went super well with my Apple Basket from Sassy Studio designs.  So check out the sketch........

And here's my Apple Basket card all ready for popping into an envelope with a cute notation.

This is a 5.5x6 card using a White Daisy cs base from CTMH.  I also do my copic coloring on the Georgia Pacific heavy cs from Walmart and just love the results.  The paper button is a gift from a friend, as well as the white glittery heart embellishment.  All paper came from my stash - what a wonderful sketch to use up various sizes of coordinating cs!

So come over and Visit The Robin's Nest and Sassy Studio Designs, and thank you for visiting SEEMS A LITTLE SKETCHY.  And the very best of luck "if" you enter the SALS challenge - remember that you can win your own choice of stampsets!!!


but nothing is as it seems on Halloween nite!  Oh what a wonderful tree - harboring ghosts, and bats, and all kinds of spiders!  

Our challenge at Squigglefly this week is to add a flower to a card - it can be an embellishment, a paper flower, the actual image, etc.  I am sooooo in the mood for making Halloween cards that I just could not stop and I made 4 of this one.

I chose Close to my Heart papers from my stash and just let the coloring flow!  The moon starts in the center with a darker orange and as I circled to the outside I blended in lighter oranges.  I darkened the sky within the branches to allow the ghost to pop up and do his thing with a little icicle stickles (my favorite).  The flower is a die cut from my Halloween embellishment bin as well as the "BOO" sticker.  I also decided to keep this card at 5.75x5.75 trying to fit in my envelopes a bit better.

So come on over to Squigglefly's Blogspot and join us in the new fun challenge.  It's easy - doesn't have to be Halloween, just have a  "flower" on the card.