Sunday, September 22, 2013

GIVING THANKS = for a hundred million things!

TEMPTATION - Judith Hart 
GIVE THANKS - Charlene Mitchell
Wow, what a wonderful time of the year.  We in SW Wisconsin entered the first hour of fall at 3:49pm and the weather is just marvelous!  Well about my card above.  It's a 5.5x6 simply because it all evolved that way.  I had chosen Judith Hart's "TEMPTATION" to make this card and Charlene Mitchell's "GIVE THANKS" for my sentiment.  Multiple layering and a few embellishments as well as a lot of fun coloring with the copics brought it all around.  Hope you drop by the Squigglefly challenge each week and try your hand.  You can easily win by following instrux and being the luck of the random generator !  How cool is that!

Well, see this little fur babe below snuggled into this giant pink dog.  It's really comfie and has always been her 'go to' when she wanted to snooze awhile.  Now to see this little lady (TinkerBelle) lying on this dog is a major milestone today.  It's actually been a long time since she had used the comfie position as she proceeded to have multiple problems, principally from contracting a case of fleas.  She DOES NOT go outside but we have a dog who does!  Follow the photos and I'll tell you what happened, and hopefully prevent you from getting in the same predicament.

This past 2 weeks we found that FRONTLINE PLUS had failed to protect the dog and he brought fleas into TINKERBELLE.  Apparently her application failed also which turns out surprising.  But these 2 applications were applied using the flea meds from our vet and were most recently purchased in August.  The other 2 ladies had used the remainder 2 vials of a pkg. purchased before that at DrsFosterSmith (online).  I usually buy whenever I need it and if I'm ordering online always include another pkg. of 3 vials.
The photo shows her actually 'pushing her big sister' out of the way to sample some of her kitty food this a.m.  Another major milestone in her's what happened...

I have been using FRONTLINE PLUS on all 4 animals every month very faithfully.  No matter the cost of approx. $60 a month for this product, I've sacrificed for all my pets.  They are all rescues and the 3 felines are all seniors over 10 yo.

Nikko the dog got so sick of the fleas tormenting him we had to ruse to the emergency vet and thru the visit he was given a 30 minute flea killer.  Meanwhile we decided to switch to REVOLUTION because of the failure of FRONTLINE PLUS on both animals.  The next nite TinkerBelle had to be rushed in for breathing difficulties which turned out to be the onset of heart disease for this 10 yo.  She also was given a 30 min. flea killer because her skin was dramatically punctured by these vicious biting insects.  NIKKO (the dog) had a blood test the nite he was there to be sure he could handle REVOLUTION - if he had an active case of heart worms he would not be able to do that.  But he was ok and starting the REVOLUTION was the best thing.  Now he's covered for heart worms as well as fleas and ticks, etc.  However his blood test came back showing him to have LYME DISEASE now do to a bite of a deer tick this past month (FRONTLINE's failure again).  
 The real kicker here is that I ran into a lady at the vet's office who had the same problem with her terrier and he presently was under anesthetic while they sprayed his fleas.  I have also gone to FRONTLINE's Facebook page and been appalled at all the other customers in our same boat! 

So now I've contacted customer service and found I cannot use their guarantee which is posted on every box whether you buy it at Farm&Fleet, Drs.Foster&Smith, PetSmart, etc.  If it's not purchased at a vet they will not stand behind the guarantee!  I have to foot the bill of Terminix doing my home all by my little lonesome, and I will.

So my question of them is:  how can you leave the guarantee on the boxes that are being sold everywhere that is not a vet?  I love my vets - I always purchase there when I can and there should not be this problem.

DO NOT take it for granted your pets are guarded under FRONTLINE PLUS.  An important element in the formula has been removed most recently and the failure to have that element has caused everyone else troubles!  Below is a photo of Belle who this afternoon crawled up on my sewing machine cabinet, yet another MILESTONE for her in her recovery!  She's lost a couple pounds and weighs a little over 6.3 lb. and will need to take pills the rest of her life.  She presently is on 4 a day and I've developed a chart to help out, especially since we are pilling the dog 3x a day for his disease.
 Looking for this all to be routine now. 


  1. Raggs sure didn't look happy about losing her food bowl! Belle looks so tiny - I hope she continues to put on some weight and to be herself again.

  2. Linda, I so appreciate the information on Frontline that you've shared. I'm terribly sorry that you and your animals have gone through all of this, but hopefully and THANKFULLY they are doing better now.
    Your card is just adorable. I love the pretty corner embellishment and the row of flowers with the blingy centers!
    Also enjoyed the pictures of your pets too!


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