Friday, April 19, 2013


Now I have to explain a little before I show  you my finished project!  One day this person that I am learned that I have an afib problem with my heart.  After multiple visits to the ER and learning thru the testing my cardiologist did, I was forced to give up ALL caffeine - in anything I drink.  Little did I know that I was totally addicted to caffeine.  I've always been one of those gals with endless energy - til now.  But I've learned to adjust my life and now I feel great with the help of 2 important heart meds to help with a ventricle problem as well.

But recently at a local restaurant I was given straight caffeinated coffee - my heart didn't relax for 4 hours!  So from now on, I take my laminated bunch of Happy Flowers with me and place the card on my table so there never is another problem.  Granted some people don't understand, but I have to understand if I'm to protect my health.

So all that being said, I've chosen the HAPPY FLOWERS RAINBOW SET from Fred, She Said's Store.  The colors are just beautiful when printed out even on an 'average HP printer' which I have.  I printed 2 and folded the half sheet in quarters and passed it thru by Xyron 510 Laminating cartridge.  It fits in my purse and goes with me easily now.  The laminated flowers are on the right.....I tried to keep the shine off.

So now that I am totally in love with this HAPPY FLOWER set and can choose the colors I want and place in the pot where I want and add leaves and more stems, I decided to do a 6 piece Note Card Set for a friend - I put a JUST A NOTE caption on the upper right.  The inside is left blank for quick correspondence!  I printed the flowers once I had them placed where I liked on the right hand side of my sheet (only) - placing 2 on a sheet. Then I needed only slice the sheet in half and fold each half in half and I automatically had a card with an interior.  A quick siggy on the back and
wallah, I'm done!

Now doesn't that make your day happy?  I love the Fred,She Said store - I have learned how to work with these precolored images and they have often been mistaken for actual copic colored items. Happy Flowers Rainbow Collection  AND a digi set Happy Flowers Digi Set and Uplifting Sentiments to go with both.  These are sentiments and bible verses that are happy, uplifting and encouraging... also Happy Birthday and Easter ones too.... 22 sentiment files in all

There are also sets that are uncolored as well as Uplifting Sentiments sets.  I hope you'll come over to Fred, She Said and pick out something fun and give this a whirl!

............with or without coffee!  :)


  1. Spring is here. Very pretty cards.
    Great design. Judy

  2. Your happy flowers are so pretty. I love all the color they come in. The sparkle you added adds a nice touch. They do make awesome note cards. So glad you are taking care of yourself.
    Hugs, Patricia


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