Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Tonite as I sit here typing away quietly; outside the wind is stirring up a lot of trouble. Schools are already closed for tomorrow, we're all checking the exterior doors to the out buildings/shops, and I have prefed (is that a word?) my birds extra in their feeders. This is a good year for cardinals. We usually have at least 10 (5 pair) in the front yard feeders and I have no idea how many feed around our 10 upper feeders in the woods.
I do love the beauty of a cardinal, whether it's sitting on a bird bath or perched in my pussy willow tree awaiting its turn on the ground around the feeders.  They definitely are ground feeders but do not hesitate to steal lovely sunflower seeds from the hanging feeders when all is clear.  And unlike the woodpeckers which can hang close to the underside of a branch in the presence of a hawk, my beautiful cardinals often get singled out for that feast.  And I get frustrated!  I cannot tolerate a hawk of any size.
Well about my 6x6 card - as you can see I chose wintry almost Christmas like papers for the bg.  A lot of mounting and a few jewels and beautiful sheer ribbon, and it came together beautifully.  I also chose to miniaturize the same scene so I could have an insert for a quick note to a friend.  I could also make up note cards in a set of wintry birds as a gift for a friend - wallah!  Going off to do that now!

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