Monday, March 18, 2013


Are you a bird watcher? My husband I are.......of course it helps we don't have to drive to the city to work. So we maintain bird feeders all over our 5 acres of property, enjoying sitting back and watching who the newcomers will be. At present this week we have had a goodly amount of snow again and all the birds are literally depending and descending upon us. Between suet and bird seed we are both busy.
Well at FRED SHE SAID'S store there are these lovely precolored digis - I've chosen to make up a bunch of cards for 'grab in a need' card box. So often you know you need just a quick card to write a letter in to cheer someone up? Well, here you go. I chose the blue jay for 2 of the cards and showed what you can do by reversing stripes within the same background. Like it? 
And last but never least is my beautiful cardinals. One year we counted 40 in one group - the weather was really bad that particular year. But this year our weather moderated a bit, and we are routinely getting 6 pair at a time. And combining the precolored image with various backgrounds, provides such a beautiful card, even I would be glad to receive back! :) 

And be sure to check out the latest addition to the store - these gorgeous HAPPY FLOWERS perfect for spring and summer cheering up!
And remember that at FRED SHE SAID's Store you can always Get 10% off over $10, 20% off over $20 ALWAYS :)


  1. Wow, your cards are gorgeous - these pre-colored images make stunning cards!

  2. Linda, I love your birds and your cards are so beautiful. Your have arranged everything so awesome. Just stunning.
    Hugs, Patricia

  3. These are very, very special. wow! Beautiful stuff! Hugz!

  4. Oh My Word....where have I been! I have missed several of your postings. I guess it all happened when I took a few days of vacation. I sometimes visit blogs and then can't comment because of bad connections.


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