Tuesday, February 19, 2013


UPDATE:  Just received my final 1 4 1 card in a swap at YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE!  And it's a treasure.  All you gals are so talented - you just keep me inspired!
 Thank you Pammie!

YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE has a monthly fun project that is optional to include yourself in.  For the year, if you sign up, you send a packet of queenly supplies and card to the lady who is the queen for that month.  When it's your month, you are showered by everyone else.  How cool can that get!

Tonite I received some really upsetting news about my sil, and after a good cry and turn to prayer, I decided to go to my craft room and found my Queen card I still had not finished.  So I finished it into a 6x6 with a step card front.  See below.

 This sweetie was drawn by Marlene who used to be at Squigglefly.  I love her work, but truthfully, this gal challenged me.
 So I chose to do a step type card in a 6x6 format.
 I actually have a rubber stamp that says YOU ARE THE QUEEN....so that made it a bit easier.  I kept the card simple but elegant - I really am not in the mood for lots of fluorishments tonite, so I put extra goodies in Naomi's package to make up for my mood.

I still like the VA VA VABOOM of the card!  Do you?

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