Monday, February 18, 2013


February amongst all other things is actually HEART AWARENESS month.  The challenge on the Monday Greetings at OUTLAWZ is to create a card with embossing and using reds.  I can say now that I truly am blessed to have the proper care I needed this month for my heart. 

I've been having tremendous switches of speed my heart has been beating in - sometimes slow and then sometimes erratically fast for days at a time, and my blood pressure of course has caused some severe headaches as the bp has gone out of reach.  After being hospitalized  one evening for fainting and having this erratic heart beat with lots of pain this time, they found that I needed to have a stress test the next day getting my heart rate up to 130 bpm and watching the input and output of my heart to determine problems.

The left ventricle is stiffened (toughened) and unable to take in enough blood during the diastole period as it should.  The relaxing of the ventricle is super important but when blood pressure is super high and the beats are out of sync, it isn't relaxing and I feel pain - lots of pain and breathlessness because I'm not getting what I need.  So I've started on some major meds for the bp and had a heart catheterization as well.  There was no need for a stent or angioplasty, my cardiologist was very thorough.  He started me on a new heart med that actually expands your blood vessels both cardiac and brain.  He says I will live a long life yet.  This past week was a mean adjustment period for me with headaches everyday as the medicine introduced itself to my system.  I'm glad to be here and to have such low pressure now and really feeling great again.  My family is riddled with heart problems and makes me a high risk.

Well didn't mean to bore you - come over to OUTLAWZ and join in the Monday Challenge.  I'll see you there!

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  1. LInda, what a meaningful card given your current situation. I am so glad you have a great doctor and getting back to your normal wonderful self health-wise. This card is beautiful AND cute. TFS! Hugz.


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